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Our Services

Employment issues?

Are you having problems at work or do you need to speak to someone who can give you quality, sound & confidential advice or are you:

  • Being performance managed by your line manager?
  • Going through a company's formal meeting process?
  • Being investigated for gross misconduct?
  • Being harassed, bullied or feeling discriminated against?
  • Feeling frustrated and stressed at work?
  • Going through the redundancy process?
  • Thinking about going through the tribunal process?


Are you an employer who needs help or advice on the following:

  • Employment Contracts - Terms & Conditions 
  • Employment Law
  • Independent investigation or formal meeting process
  • Performance management support & advice
  • HR policy & procedure review
  • Tribunal advice & support


Why not talk to our experts in confidence and get the help or support you need!



If you need urgent support and advice - please call:

Eric - 07947 537426

Compliance management

Yes it's a minefield, however let us simplifiy it for you! We are your 'One Stop Shop' for all of your Compliance requirements and will provide a professional and confidential service across all disciplines.

  • We can ensure AML/POCA investigations and reports are completed to a consistent high standard, thereby protecting your business.
  • Understanding, audit and review the aims and objectives of the U.K. Gambling Commission.
  • Colleague training and development.
  • Compliance Auditing including process, improvement, identifying and analysing emerging Compliance risks and trends.
  • Compliance lead Mystery Shopping (HVC etc)
  • Provision of accurate and timely technical advice or guidance on regulatory Compliance queries, issues and concerns.
  • Compliance mentoring with full participation in internal governance meetings, ensuring any reports (etc) are produced in a timely manner.
  • Liaison and mediation between your business and the regulator(s) concerned.


Why not speak to us and see what we can do for you!


If you need urgent support and advice - please call:

Tony - 07940 174119

QUAZIDO - Leadership & Team Building Events

A Unique & Memorable Experience

We will be launching our Events Management soon - our aim here is to provide a unique experience for your team, which will improve on skillsets, communication and leadership.


We have varying indoor and outdoor events for you to choose from, if you are interested in this service, why not contact our Events Manager:

Antony 07984 318795